Sam Gehman

My name is Sam Gehman. I'm a junior at the University of Washington (go dawgs!) and I am currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science. I write code in Java, Swift, and C mostly. I also have experience with ML, Ruby, Git, Shell, Vim, and the like.

I also like designing things. I’ve spent time learning about HCI principles in my own time, and I'm planning on taking some classes in HCI and Industrial Design. I use the things I learn to make better looking software.

I’m originally from Los Angeles, but so far Seattle has been treating me very well. Some things I have done here during my free time are hike up to Mt. Si, sit at the Olympic Sculpture Park, and eat ramen at Tsukushinbo.

I recently completed an internship at NASA JPL in Pasadena. I previously interned at Motorola Solutions in Seattle. I am also a 3rd time teaching assistant in the CS department at my school, where I've taught Intro to Computer Science and the Hardware/Software Interface.

I made this site entirely with HTML and CSS, with help from Bootstrap and Hover.css. I plan to use some JavaScript when I find some time to get better at it.

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This is what I look like.